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Little Planets - 'To Be Honest' EP

Little Planets release final single '21' to complete debut EP : 'To Be Honest'.
21 is the last pop anthem to complete Little Planets EP, ‘To be honest’. A coming of age banger, 21 is the quintessential theme song for anyone who is about to be or HAS BEEN 21. 
21 discusses the uncertain choas of being a young adult in the modern age. 
The song delves into the strange realities of being thrust into adult life, referencing the beginning of paying “taxes” and no longer having “university funds”. 
The overwhelming message behind 21 is that although growing older comes with its new and unique challenges, these are the years that you’re in your prime- and “still fit”- and will one day be some of the fondest years to look back on. 



21 (Clean Version)Little Planets
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Through a combination of intensely personal, socially aware lyrical content and infectious, pop-oriented grooves, female-fronted Leeds outfit Little Planets are quickly becoming one of the most highly talked about northern newcomers. 

From the damaging effects of social media to the visceral reality of modern day sexism, lyricists Tia Williams and Sophie Wilson hold nothing back when penning their most honest thoughts. Yet, this brutal reality is wrapped up in a euphoric, high-energy instrumental sound, enhanced by the audible camaraderie that comes hand in hand with a band made up of six close friends. 

The dance-inducing quality of their music converts perfectly into a live setting and has made them renowned for their ability to instantly ignite an audience. This skill has earned them support slots alongside the UKs most exciting new indie artists such as Spinn, Retro Video Club and Sarpa Salpa as well as an unforgettable debut headline show at Leeds own Lending Room.

Following a string of memorable festival performances at the likes of Liverpool Sound City, the band are maintaining their momentum after the release of their debut EP 'To Be Honest' and are set for a huge which promises bigger live shows, bigger festival slots and plenty more music.


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