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Little Planets’ newest single ‘TBH’ illustrates the tiresome daily experience when living as a woman in today’s society. Addressing situations such as unwanted cat calls and uncomfortable conversations, lyricists Sophie and Tia express their frustrations and how ‘boring’ this can sometimes feel. 

With it’s thought-provoking message delivered alongside a powerful, bass-driven pop instrumental, ‘TBH’ is set to be amongst the freshest of sounds in this new wave of pop music.   

“‘T.B.H' is essentially just one big venting session about all the not-so-nice parts that seem to come hand in hand with being a woman in today's society. Whether that's being beeped at in the street, forced to faced uncomfortable and innapropriate comments or just being held to a different standard to male companions/co-workers, it's a song that sadly every girl will probably be able to relate to.” Sophie Wilson- Vocalist

T.B.HLittle Planets
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