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This betrayal anthem chronicles the suffocating bitterness of a fake friendship. 


Little Planets’ latest single ‘Why’ is set to be release on 11th April 2023, and articulates the testing and tiresome encounters with a person who is supposedly on your team, but appears to be racing against you. 


Layered with tight funky groves and catchy rhymes, this undeniable earworm could be the theme tune for any party. 


Accompanied by Little Planets’ signature high energy and fun, ‘Why’ is set to be amongst the freshest of sounds in this new wave of pop music. 

“‘Why’ is about B*tches. To put it simply. There have been so many times in life when we’ve encountered people that have just been fake and ‘self-obsessed’, there’ll always be an excuse for why they've not done this or that, and if you tell them of your success you've met with something they've done that's better. It's pretty much about how exhausting those people are- the ones that have to go to Eleven-erife if you’re off to Tenerife.” Tia Williams- Vocalist

Set to play the likes of Sound City this year, Little Planets will also debut their new single at their first-ever headline show at Leeds Lending Rooms on Saturday 15th April- with support from Crystal Tides and Tomi Robynne. 

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